Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trials and Tribulations of a Father.

Recently Jessa has learned to undo her diaper and try to 'help' while I'm changing her. Its rather annoying so I thought I'd try smacking her hand lightly and saying no sternly. Guess what, saying no to Jessa is really funny.
Jessa was poopy the other night and while I was changing her she thought she could help. So I was trying to get her to move her hand away while Stephen was trying to encourage her to laugh about me telling her no. After I got her all cleaned up Stephen was still trying to encourage her to laugh when I say no. So I threw the dirty diaper at his face. Yes this may have been slightly over the top but he had been teasing me all afternoon and trying to talk me into going to Gerties for dinner. Teaching jessa to laugh was just enough to push me over the edge. He wasn't to impressed with the diaper in his face and went on how he wasn't raised that way blah blah blah and threw it back at me. I wasn't fased though and just threw it right back in his face. After the second time he got the hint to throw the diaper away. (That was all I wanted anyway.) Stephen not only was going to throw away the diaper, but he decided  to shoot the diaper from the fridge to the trash can, all the way across the room and behind the counter. (Now this part I'm only guessing because Jessa was still naked and I was attending to her.) As he got ready to shoot he was trying to get just the right aim. He jumped back a little and caught his foot on the heater vent. I got up really quick after finishing strapping the diaper on. To see what Stephen had done.
At this time I think I need to state that I have this terrible rude habit. I'm not sure how to break it. I laugh hysterically whenever some one gets hurt around me. Its insanely inappropriate and I feel really bad but I do it every time with out fail. I don't even have to think about it I just bust up. So as Stephen is yelling about his foot I'm walking over laughing at him already asking if he needs stitches. His foot was already gushing as he told me yes to the stitches. I calmly (while still laughing) went to the cupboard and got gause and a wrap and yelled at him to get off the carpet. Good thinking on my part;-) After getting his foot all wrapped up he said let's hurry up and get this stitched up so we can go to Gerties. At this point I was thinking, "Did my husband really cut his foot open just to eat out?"
I think its time for another side story. In my entire twenty-two years of life I have had stitches twice. Once at five, all the other little kids jumped in the shallow end of the pool so I thought I I'd try one day. I jumped and then bail at the last second, and turned around to grab the edge smaking my chin on the edge of the pool. I'm not exactly sure how many stitches I got but I can still feel the bumpy scar. The second time was child birth. Enough said. Stephen on the other hand has had stitches and stapes many many times. I actually just asked him how many times he's had stitches and he said "I don't know a dozen or so times, its been so many times I can't keep count." To put it into more prespective I've know stephen for three and a half years and in that time he has had stapels in his abdomen, had to have his finger glued cause there wasn't enough skin left to stitch, and had stitches in his foot. Which leads me back to the story.
I have no idea when some one needs stitches. so I thought maybe Stephen was over reacting and didn't really need to go see a dr. Just a bandage for a few day and he'd be all better. No aperently it makes you a bad wife for doughting the severity of your husbands wound from throwing away a diaper. He said " come on I've already paid my copay at quick care." Well lucky us.
End of the story is Stephen came out of quick care with five stitches, he got to go to Gerties for dinner, and when we finally got home I picked the diaper up and safely threw it away. Also now that its been ten days (I'm super slow about blogging) I still giggle a little thinking about it and Stephen learned next time he doesn't have to go in to get his stitches out. The doctor started doing it and stephen asked if he could and the doctor said yeah you could have just done it at home.

Friday, February 24, 2012

6 Month Birthday!

I can't belive Jessa is already six months old its so crazy how fast she is growing. Its so amazing to see her grow. We have started feeding her baby food she quite enjoys it.

I just noticed today that she got both her bottom teeth at the same time just poking through her gums. She's starting to push up really far on her arms getting ready to crawl, especially when she is mad. Lately she has been really fussy but I'm guessing its because of those teeth she just sprouted. Jessa loves shopping. She never ever gets fussy while shopping and can go for hours, its quite nice. I hope it stays that way. Every night   before Jessa falls asleep I read her stories from the books we bought her for Christmas, she loves listening to me read. I read to her until she falls asleep each night.I enjoy making her laugh. Its so fun to see how the small things really get to her and make her giggle so much. She is quite a joy to have everyday. 

In her pretty dress from Great Grandma Joyce.

Shopping and playing with one of her favorite things.
Her binkie.

Shopping again.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year New Things

January is half through and I thought perhaps I should post my new years resolution. It's super simple and kind of cheating but I think I can achieve it. I'm going to make Jessa laugh everyday! Pretty easy huh?

We also hope to move this year and when we move I have a goal to bring only 'green' cleaners into our new home. They're good for the environment, better for us and also cheaper.

One other thing were working on this year is to start getting out of debt. This may take us awhile and our budget may be tight for a bit but I know this is best for us.

I also wanna be better about posting on the blog. I want Jessa to be able to read this when she's older and know what life was like when she was born. I think blogging is a very good way to do that.

So there's my late new years post. I think I should mention that on new years we went to my sisters to celebrate we brought the pack n play so Jessa could sleep there and we could stay up  late playing games. Jessa had another idea and stayed  up all the way until we drove home at twelve thirty. She really wanted to bring in the new year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's already Christmas eve's eve (now its actually Christmas eve) and I haven't put up Jessa's picture with Santa. As it is a big deal to her daddy we took Jessa to her first movie "The Muppets" we made it through without a fit. Well almost, just a little one before the movie started but I just fed her real quick and it was all better. She also took a short nap through the middle but woke up for the big show. Afterwards we went and saw Santa. Guess who's Santa's little helper? Yeah Jessa. She stuck her hand in his beard and smiled for the camera. My mom says she looks like an elf.
Yeah she's bare foot and looks like she's wearing capris in Dec. but  I  didn't want to lose socks at the movies and she's freakishly long so you do what you can.

We also got family pics done for our Christmas card (which my crafty husband made).

So lately I've been addicted to craft blogs which make me want to craft. Which means I may have to make a few things and perhaps blog about them. Hopefully soon.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 28, 2011

We're Rolling

For a few weeks now I've been trying to help Jessa roll over. I could tell that her muscles were getting strong enough to almost do it but she'd always get stuck on her arms. I took lots of videos of her wiggling and almost making it over but never did. All only 30 seconds long in bad quality so I could send them to show off.

And sometimes not doing anything at all
I put this one because she smiled at me.

I thought it would be really neat to get her on camera the first time she rolled over. I'd grab her fingers and help her over to teach her how to do it but still nothing. It felt like she was never gonna do it.

Monday morning I put Jessa on her belly to snap up her shirt and was just waiting around when, what do you know, she rolled right over. I was hardly paying attention. I pulled out my camera and put her back on her belly and she did it again. I had to send a video to daddy. I was so excited to see that our hard work of practicing had finally payed off.

I got her the second time.

Later that night Jessa had a dirty diaper and after taking it off I thought I'd just give her a bath so I left her naked on the floor laying on her back. I left the room to go grab her bath stuff and when I came back just a minute later she had rolled on to her tummy. Now yes I am sad I missed her rolling on to her tummy but was also so excited that she had done it and I could tell by the look on her face that she knew she accomplished something exciting. Its so amazing to have this beautiful blessing in my home. Some times I wonder how I ever lived without seeing her cute little smile everyday or watching her grow stronger and taller ( my goodness is this girl long) and more smart, she is so curious about everything. It just amazes me, everything she can already accomplish and she's not even four months old yet. I love you Jessa Isabella Harrison and I'm proud to be your mommy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update :)

We finally had Jessa's first big holiday, Halloween! I decided to make Jessa a mummy costume which turned out to be harder than I expected, but still cute. My mom and grandma always made my sister and I costumes, so I thought I'd give it a try this year. All I did was get some white or light colored long sleeved jamies and hat and it took me five or six rolls of gauze. I used hot glue to put the gauze on the jammies and hat and after I was done my grandma told me you can use some baste stuff that I guess would have made it a lot easier. For cute little touches I made her a little spider friend that I just sewed on to a hair clip and I took some extra gause to dangle in random places and made some in to a bow at the top. Also I took some grey paint and a sponge and made it look dirty and old. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Along with Halloween Jessa also just turned three whole months old. Its crazy to think but she really has been with us for three months. I was just telling my mom that in some ways it seems like I've had her forever. I've told others that there's no way its been three months. It seems like I've had way more then three months of poop but not three months worth of cuddles. I'm so blessed that I can be able to stay home all day with Jessa. I get to see every smile every giggle and every wimper.

Recently we started putting her in the Jumparoo every once in awhile. I thought she would be a little small for it but she loves it now. She's also in love with her playmat and sits there for ever kicking and cooing. Daddy told me I should paint her nails princess pink so we painted her toe nails bright pink. She is such a joy to have. We found some old pics of me when I was younger and Jessa looks so much like me. I'll have to scan some of the pictures some time and put them on here.

 So Jessa had a run in with a bully at the gym daycare. Stephen and I were running on the elliptical machine and heard screaming, we looked at each other and hoped that it wasn't Jessa screaming. So we kept going and the screaming kept going also. After a minute or two a lady came in holding a screaming baby in a pink dress. Yes, it was our lovely daughter. Turns out a little boy came in and mauled her and stole her binkie. She was not happy. Nothing calmed her down and it was like high pitched death screams. Finally I got Jessa her binkie and we cuddled really good and she calmed down. I felt so bad for the poor thing.

The last few days we've decided that Jessa needed to stop getting swaddled. It seemed to really upset her when we would and instead of just fussing a little she would full out scream. So we decided to try just putting her in those sleep sack things so its like shes zipped up in a bag. The first night she fell right to sleep in it. The next night she fell asleep pretty easily again but the next morning she woke up with war wounds. I felt so bad she got her self really bad, but they didn't seem to bother her. So far that was the only night she scratched herself hopefully she wont do it to much more.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poop Wars

Just as a fair warning yes I am going to be talking about poop. If you do not wanna hear then don't read. :)

This last Sunday I was getting Jessa ready for church. I had her in a cute little tutu dress all ready to go bow and everything when she had to poop. So I sat and talked to her for a bit while I let her finish so I wouldn't change her only to have her go again and have to rechange her. When I went to change her is when I realized that she had leaked out the top of her diaper all over her cute dress. So I change her into another cute dress for church and we left.
We got to church early so I decided to nurse Jessa in the car before going in and while I was feeding her she pooped again. I didn't think much of this because she poops all the time when I'm feeding her. So after a few minuets I felt her back and notice that she has once again leaked out the back. So I finished feeding her and took her into the bathroom to changer her into the extra clothes I keep in the diaper bag. I started wondering if she was leaking cause shes right on the cusp of size 2 diapers and we had run out of size 1 and had a couple bags of size 2 that we got as gifts so we started using them. She is less then two pounds away from the recomened weight and she's been wearing them for for awhile, she'd almost gone threw a whole bag and hadn't leaked. So I scrounge the diaper bag for a size 1 and found the last one so we strapped this one on her put her in the semi cute clothes and sat down late for church. (I used to be early for everything and then I had a baby and I don't know how but she makes us late for everything. We were even early for church and managed to sit down late.) I am glad to say that she was a little angel through church, only burping right when we went to pray :) and sleeping the rest of the time.
 After church Stephen had to work on my dad's neighbor's computer so Jessa and I went to visit Grandpa Elmer and Grandma Robin. Jessa was hanging out in her car seat showing grandpa how good at pooping she had become while we visited.I guess I felt the need to jinx myself by saying you better not leak out of these cause I don't have anymore change of clothes for you. After a few minuets I took Jessa out of her car seat to notice that she had leaked out the side of her diaper. Apparently it didn't matter what size diaper she was wearing that day she wanted to be naked. At that moment I noticed that I didn't take the diaper bag out of the car. I didn't think Stephen would be much longer but who knows so my dad offered to go and get the diaper bag for me. As I was undressing her Robin said "by the look on her face it almost seems like maybe she's not done." I replied back "Probably not she hasn't stopped all morning." All I had left in the diaper bag for her to wear was a jacket so Jessa got to hang out in a jacket and a diaper. A little bit after that Stephen got done and came back and my grandma called to invite us to lunch. I told her about the blow outs and she asked what I was eating, implying that Jessa had diarrhea. I told her, "Her poop doesn't seem a different texture or anything. The only difference is that its outside the diaper instead of inside."

When we're at home Jessa wears cloth diapers most the time. They save money and they're really not that much of an inconvenience and we've only had one leak. But if were going out for awhile like church or over to watch a football game at my sisters its much easier to just use disposable diapers. There's no need to carry around a poopy diaper until we get home. Some thing I have noticed when Jessa is wearing a cloth diaper is when its time to change her we have this weird way of gageing how bad its going to be to clean up afterward. Okay so yes my daughter is only two months old and can't understand us but it still doesn't mean that we should curse in front of her, but at times it seems necessary I guess. Yes, an awful excuse. Hopefully by the time she understands we will break the habit. So there is some rap song I'm not at all sure what its called or who its by or any other lyric to the entire song but this one line "you know I wreck dis shit." I know, where do we even get this from. I don't know but Stephen one day came home from work and my cousin was here picking up her daughter. Jessa was in our room sleeping. Stephen told us he had to go to the bathroom went in our room and said "I'm gonna  wreck dis shit Jessa" loud enough to hear it in the living room. So my cousin and I started laughing and decided he wanted to teach Jessa bad words at a young age. Ever since then when Jessa has a really big poop, the worst she could have, we say "she wrecked dis shit". Other times when its not as bad but still fairly bad we say "she trashed this diaper". Then it gets to "this ones not that bad". Then "oh there's just a little in here". "This ones just a skid mark." and the best one to get "she only peed".

I would like to note that I have an amazing husband that has no problem changing  or spraying clean diapers and helping in the middle of the night if I need it.